Arancini for anyone that didn't know, are essentially fried rice balls. In Sicily, it is common to mix leftover risotto with ragu, which usually consists of meat sauce, peas, and cheese. These scrumptious spheres get their perfectly round shape from the risotto and filling being rolled into balls, coated in flour, and fried.

I chose the pesto, tomato and mozzarella arancini and instantly fell in love. When you bite into it, you first get the light crunch of the ball's crispy outer layer. Then you experience the gooey cheese, pesto and tomato center of this delectable Italian tradition. This is the kind of texture combination that you lean your head back and close your eyes to enjoy.

And these brothers don't stop at savory balls. They've created a desert arancini as well. They incorporated an Italian (and recently American) favorite into this traditional dish: NUTELLA. It is scooped into the center of the ball, fried, and finally rolled in cinnamon sugar. If that's not the best use of Nutella I've ever had, then I don't know what is.

Be sure to look out for Arancini Bros. at various markets and events such as Greeley Square Market and the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. 


Server Suggestion: Ragu, Bianco Rosso Verde

Location: 940 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Ambience: Small, Quick, Casual

Type of Food: Italian


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