My friend and I woke up late one day, and were craving some not-so-typical brunch. I searched for the most affordable but unique place, and came across Feast! They sell a (quite genius) Prix-Fixe brunch option. For only $26, you can choose from a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, nibble on the "shares", and finally choose one brunch plate from the menu. 

When our server told us about the "shares" of that day, I was expecting some little croissants and maybe a danish or two. However, I was extremely happy to be wrong! The back-waiter brought us a plate of: 2 fresh mini croissants (both chocolate and regular), corn muffins, strawberry - pomegranate yogurt parfaits, shots of the juice of the day - cucumber apple, and finally the star of the show, a mushroom, feta cheese and chive quiche. I savored each one as slowly as I could and didn't ever want it to end... I love the way Chef Christopher Meenan gives you a little taste of everything, but still leaves just enough room to keep you hungry for your plate that's on its way. I was also pleased to find that these shares are always you'll never be bored!

I decided on the lemon soufflé pancake with mascarpone, apple butter, and poached pear, while my friend chose the "wild mushrooms" egg and puff pastry dish. When you bite into the pancake, you can feel the fluffy soufflé style egg on your tongue, with some sweetness from the apple butter and mascarpone quickly catching up. The poached pear had a unique flavor: sweet, yet complex - one that flawlessly complemented the delicious twang of lemon zest you would get every few bites. The scrambled eggs on the "wild mushrooms" made our mouths water as soon as they came out to our table. They literally glistened in the light and made chives look better than I've ever seen them. I also enjoyed the little kick of red bell pepper on top to cut through that earthy mushroom taste. 

I'm telling you, try Feast. I'll most likely be returning often - they can't keep me away! :)

Server Suggestion: Bellini

Location: 102 Third Ave. New York, NY

Type of Food: New American

Ambience: Rustic Chic, Welcoming, Homey, Vintage, Artsy, Unique


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