I'm sure everyone has heard about bubble tea at least once. Since this new concept of tea has been introduced to New Yorkers, it has become a craze, prompting many places in the city to sell it, but you won't find it anywhere as delicious as Kung Fu Tea. 

For those who still don't quite know what bubble tea is - don't be afraid! It's nothing too crazy. Bubble tea is made with the same kind of tea that you would find at any other cafe. The only difference is that instead of being mixed with water, it's mixed with milk, juice, or tapioca - a starch extracted from a plant native to Brasil. First, you choose your tea flavor, then ask for some bubbles (aka tapioca), and your delicious creation is ready! Kung Fu Tea is "the unchallenged expert in the bubble tea business", and they don't only offer the generic flavors. You can find unique selections here such as Passionfruit Green Tea, Caramel Macchiato Slush, and many more. Another factor that sets them apart is that instead of hand shaking the tea, a machine rapidly spins your flavors, giving your beverage a smoother and more silky mouth feel. I also love that you can choose your sugar content, ensuring it isn't too sweet!

When I first visited Kung Fu Tea, I was quite overwhelmed by all these flavors. Notoriously known as the king of indecisiveness, I could not make up my mind easily, but then chose my all time favorite: Green Tea - I recommend it strongly along with passion fruit!

You might ask "why this place is so popular and successful? It's just a bubble tea." Well, I say: try it for yourself! You may just Get Hook'd!

Server Suggestion: KungFu Bubble Milk Tea

Location: 27 Waverly Place New York, NY

Type of Food: Asian

Ambience: Small, Casual, Quick



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AuthorJames Park